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Completing Customs and Quarantine

Please find following some basic information regarding moving into NZ. We have tried to keep it easy to read and understand! If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!

You will find all the forms you require to move into New Zealand on the Documentation page. These will be mailed to you on your arrival into the country.

It is important if you are not going to be in NZ when your effects arrive to complete them and provide your moving company with a copy of your passport picture page, visa page, and a letter authorizing a friend or relative in NZ to be your representative. This will allow us to clear your effects prior to your arrival.

New Zealand is a relatively easy country to clear customs if you are a returning New Zealander who has been away for more than 21 months or a first time immigrant with full residency. However if you do not fit into one of these two categories you may have customs taxes to pay. We have an in house customs service that is here to help, if you have any concerns regarding your status please contact us.

Quarantine is strict, clean all gardening tools, bicycles, walking shoes, golf clubs, etc, limit food, baskets etc and remove dust bags out of vacuum cleaners. These things amongst others and all older wooden furniture/products this will be stopped for examination. Have a look at the attached form, if you tick yes to “Goods of Quarantine Interest” there is a high chance you will be stopped. However do not throw out all your gardening things etc! A MAF exam involves only a nominal fee depending on how many things require to be examined or treated etc.

All cars/motorbikes entering NZ are duty free but GST of 15% may be payable. In order to get your car/bike in GST free you must have owned and used it for more than 12months in your origin country and either be a first time immigrant with full residency or a returning New Zealander who has been away for more than 21 months. GST if charged is on the value of your car (customs have a formula for this) + the freight. DO not put your papers in the car; we will need your purchase receipt and ownership papers to clear the car prior to arrival!

Quarantine fees will be charged on the car/bike, please ensure you have cleaned it thoroughly inside and out and if you put things in the car put them in boxes/bags that are easily taken out. An engine steam clean at origin although a good idea will not guarantee a pass. Always check the engine pocket for leaves and take a wire brush under the wheel arches as these are two of the most common failed areas!
Cars and motorbikes also need to be structure tested by land transport New Zealand prior to leaving the import depot and there is a cost involved in this.

Once your car has passed we can help you arrange delivery to the local compliance centre who will take around 48 hours to make your car roadworthy for NZ roads. It is a good idea to check with the LTSA (web site) prior to departure to make sure you have all the necessary papers, safety checks etc.


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